Wednesday, 1 February 2017


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February brings the rain, thaws the frozen ponds again.

So said Sara Coleridge in her months of the year poem.

The picture is from one of the Edwardian Lady books by Edith Holden. I've borrowed the image off t'internet as my copy is...................packed in a box.
 We have aconites and a few snowdrops in our very small garden, not much else although there are signs of other bulbs coming up.

When we were children it was considered lucky to say "Rabbits,Rabbits Rabbits" on the first of the month. They had to be the first words you spoke in the morning. Now I'm wondering ......Why?

According to the shops only one thing happens in February and that's Valentines day. We won't be wasting our pennies in buying any of the junk that is now available - all those silly soft toys - for grown ups? just don't get it I'm afraid. As for hearts on everything? a great sales ploy " Must have special PJs and cushions for Valentines" Really? 

My Books Read page tells me I read 12 books in January, which just proves how much free time is available while waiting to move. Oooops sorry, said I wouldn't mention that again. Actually that should be 13 as I quickly re-read 'Summer Half' one of Angela Thirkell's smaller novels.

My accounts book tells me that we did fairly well in Don't-spend-anything-extra-in-case-I've-done-my-sums-wrong month. Of course there were extras - the new kettle, getting photos of the wedding printed, having curtains cleaned to take with us, half-year car tax, MOT, booking venue for Col's 60th bash ( he wants to meet up with all his aunts,uncles, cousins etc without it being at a funeral!), virus protection for one lap top and paying for a library book that got left at hospital and vanished. We ate mainly from the freezer but still needed milk, fruit, veg and store-cupboard staples. Total spend for the whole month - absolutely everything except Council Tax -  £751.

We need to empty the freezer before we move   (Oh- done it again)so I went through it mid December to see how many main meals I could make from its contents and came up with a list of 32. We were out Christmas day and brought home boxing day dinner with us. Then of course Col had That bug and neither of us ate much for a few days so now at the beginning of February I've still got
A couple of chicken breasts
2 cheese and onion pasties
2 x half pound of bacon
2 very small lamb chops (only useful for curry)
1lb of mince (annoying as I usually split them into half pounds)
2 boxes of home made tomato and onion pizza topping
2 portions of  home made lasagne
2 portions of home made salmon/pasta bake 
A very small ham joint that was meant for after Christmas

So still enough for meals until halfway through February at least.

Back in a jiffy


  1. We used to say a pinch and a punch for the first of the month, I have no idea why??? We are eating out of the freezer and store cupboard too so our food costs this month have been minimal.

  2. Our phrase was "White rabbits" and it had to be said IMMEDIATELY on waking. My theory is that if you can remember to say that first thing you deserve to be lucky.

  3. White rabbits here too and I think you were supposed to turn around 3 times ??
    I need to do a freezer inventory for next week's meals to keep the spending down, thanks for reminding me as I don't know when I will fit it in!

  4. Ha, wonder I never have any luck...I always forget to say it.
    I am doing a freezer inventory today to see if I can make what we have last for the month and use the money saved to buy some new lounge curtains-x-

  5. There is a very cold pond freezing spell forecast for mid feb, although it is far from certain. That'll give me a freezing hand cycle in.

  6. I think you are keeping remarkably calm about your move Sue nbut it must all be a strain. Are you thinking of letting the one where you live at present?

  7. White rabbits for our family too...except when Mum accidentally shouted hares instead! x

  8. I've been pretty good at not spending money on anything but needs and bills lately. Shopped at couple stores on Monday but found nothing to bring home with me. Did see curtains on sale but didn't buy becuz not sure of measurements. My daffodils are coming up. Never did get my tulip bulbs back in the ground in the fall. Arg!

  9. I woke at 2-30 this morning, and scared DH out of his wits by saying "White Rabbits" a little louder than I had intended! He woke with a start, told me I'm a lunatic, then turned over and was asleep again before I'd walked out of the bedroom!
    They must be very inflexible in your libraries, we were supposed to charge for books lost (cost to replace, which was usually more than the book originally cost), but were permitted to use our discretion.
    If it had been explained to me that the book was lost in hospital, and why it was at the hospital in the first place, it would have been quietly withdrawn from stock, but I definitely wouldn't have charged you to replace it!
    There should always be a degree of flexibility!

  10. I can commiserate with you, waiting to move is horrible, we're fed up but trying to be positive. We are in a completed chain, but how much longer???

  11. There's no thawing of ponds here in February, Sue. Another heatwave instead and no cooler weather in sight. Sigh! My boy says, "A pinch and a punch for the first of the month." He thinks this hilarious! Meg:)

  12. White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits. Except I am a day late and have said loads! Hee hee! You have lots of good meals from the freezer, and you could make a Bolognese or chilli from the mince and freeze the rest for another easy meal perhaps? That is what I do.

    1. I usually stretch half pound to 2 x 2 meals so a pound would make loads and all my spare freezer storage boxes are packed!

  13. I too was taught White Rabbit as absolutely the first thing you say at the start of the month. My father was raised in Hampshire and Kent.