Thursday, 13 November 2014

Breaking the bank AND concrete.

I finished yesterdays post by saying I would be back today with a frugally post unfortunately that was before I took Polly to the vets. £97!!!!!!! It's been ages since we last took an animal to a vets, I had no idea that vets fees had gone up so much. Polly needed to be looked at because she was looking a bit tatty after I used some cheap flea stuff on her and I remembered a cat we had many years ago having the same problem. So a steroid injection, 6 months supply of  decent flea treatment, two lots of different wormer and I was nearly £100 worse off.

The vets is right next to the tool hire place so while I was being robbed C popped in there and hired an electric concrete breaker so we could get that last bit of shed base done. He was doing it bit by bit with a sledge hammer and had spent twenty minutes on it just an hour before the Hardly a Heart Attack 5 weeks ago.
Me and the breaker

did all the rest in half an hour easy peasy!

Look at this for a late autumn treat, because the weather has been fairly dry and extra warm the autumn raspberries had a late flourish.
And Finally for today,
 Spotted in M&S yesterday
Specially for  your bed for Christmas
You don't decorate your bed for Christmas?
M&S think you should, they have this Christmas Duvet cover or you could have reindeer or Santa

WHY? well why not?
after all it's only £59!

Back Tomorrow
 Sue          Toile Bedding Set


  1. Not just M & S either! All the shops have cushions, throws and bedding all for Christmas - I saw a lady with a trolley with stuff piled high.

    As regards vets and animals, we only have 2 cats now but it costs a fortune as they are forever getting in the wars ( just this summer, general fighting, fell out of tree, bitten by fox - and a nervous breakdown - cat which had been abused by previous owner - from a neighbour shutting him in her shed - deliberately we think). We have insurance but we have to pay the first £150 so we never manage to claim.

    That reminds me... We have changed insurers, but when our last cat needed dental work done the insurers turned down the claim as they said it was 'cosmetic' !!!

  2. Its everywhere to much commercialism , my Christmas decorations are 5 years old and they were bought from a charity shop too , they are quality decorations that dont date and if you stick to traditional colours you cant go far wrong , the shops wonder why they have quiet times in the week coming up to Christmas when they are shoving it in to your face every where you go from September onwards , people only have one lot of money to spend , some dont even have that xxx

  3. Poor kitty hope she perks up soon, the breaker is not so back aching neither, as for christmas duvets, if we could afford them , we still wouldn't have them.

  4. Hope puss soon perks up, cheap flea and worm treatments are not really that good are they!!

    I think the shops have gone mad this year. You can buy virtually everything for your home in a 'Christmas' pattern and colour, and unfortunately it's the people who can least afford it that will be striving to buy it. Ffs .... it's ONE day don't people realise!! The world has gone mad.

    1. The secret is to buy the Christmassy stuff in the after Christmas sales. I always get pyjamas. My penguins wearing hats and scarves juggling snowballs pj top dries on the washing line throughout the year! I don't care if I wear reindeer and snowmen in the summer. Great bargains. Aldi are selling the Snowman toilet rolls and kitchen roll. One of the advantages of living out in the sticks is not seeing the Christmassy stuff in the shops. Our local shop has a couple of Christmas gift ideas - companion sets for the fireplace and a coal bucket - on display with some tinsel round them.

  5. Hope Polly perks up after her injection. Vets charges are ridiculous, my friend had her elderly poorly cat put to sleep a couple of weeks ago £64! Mind you they did send her a sympathy card with the bill lol.

    Christmas bedding to go with christmas pjs and slippers, mot forgetting the Christmas Fleece to snuggle up with while you open mountains of presents you just can't live without! :-) I know I wont be joining in, it will be the usual simple affair with time spent with family . enjoy your raspberries they look lovely.

  6. for future reference....lincolnshire coop chemists to vets wormer and frontline for a lot cheaper than the vets, sometimes you have to order it buts its there next day

  7. We've just spent nearly £300 at the vet but hoping to claim some of it back on insurance!! Hope puss is better soon. I order Frontline and wormers for the dogs either through Medicanimal, Amazon or Animed as it's much cheaper than the vet. I also buy pet food through Zooplus as it's much cheaper than our local retailers.

  8. I have a special quilt I put on the bed for 2 weeks before and two weeks after Christmas. I made it some years ago from a kit a friend brought me from the US. It had houses and stars on.

  9. Using some machinery for the tough tasks is the way forward. You did a great job. I'm off to the vets tomorrow with my puss. Had her yearly injections a couple of weeks ago and they noticed a bit of gum soreness. She's been on some medication, when we can fool her into taking it, so I hope it's all better now. We've only just had her long fur dematted that cost nigh on £100. She attacks us if we try and comb her for any length of time. Ah the creatures, we love them so.
    Jean x

  10. I do make Francesca a quilt or cushion in Christmas colours each year, she just loves it, but I make it reversible so it gets used all year. I will be using my old decs again this year. The Angel on top of the tree was made by Francesca in primary school, she is a toilet roll middle, a ping pong ball, a paper doily and a little tinsel, she is quite shabby and had to be glued together last year.; She will be on the tree until she disintegrates.

  11. We took it in turns using one of those a few years ago to get up a path, DB shook for about 20 minutes after he finished with it!

  12. We had one of the foster cat to the vets today, luckily the charity covers the cost. I have an emergency pot for our four dogs and three cats but I couldn't cope if they all got sick at once.

    I think the foster cat we took in today was called in as being a stray as it is quite poorly and old and I don't think the people could cope with the vet bills x

  13. Well whatever next- Easter Duvets, Halloween curtains? I was watching some Youtube and some ladies apparently change their ornaments and decorations according to the season. I think I shall save some money and just stick some tinsel on the headboard!

  14. The first photo
    Looks like THE TERMINATOR

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  16. Oh poor you with the vets bill. Crazy bills aren't they. Good job on the concrete smashing! And christmas duvets?? Unbelievable.

  17. I saw the inappropriate comment that was removed - so glad someone monitors these things!

  18. We should work out what £59.00 could buy in food - what a con! Very impressed with your concrete breaking work however. I'll be sporting a similar look later when I go next door to do some decorating.....x