Friday, 31 October 2014

Review of the month - looking back at October

Mainly because of Cs 10 days in hospital with the "hardly" a heart attack, October was a bit of an odd month.
Other things of note from the Simple Suffolk Smallholding were
  • An expensive month with both electric bill and water bill for the campsite. Electric bill made even worse by being 4 months instead of 3 due to the meter reader reading it wrongly.
  • Extra expenses such as car park and phone top ups due to C being in hospital.
  • To make things easier for me working here we had to sell off the oldest 60 hens earlier than we would have done. 
  • The campsite has been tidied and everything put away for the winter. 
  • Christmas puddings and mincemeat were made.
  • also a batch of sweetcorn relish 
  • C brought home 10 IBC containers and sold 2 straight away the rest  he will be able to wash out and sell as soon as he gets back to normal.
  • We sold almost all the squash and pumpkins including the 5 Giant ones giving us a total income from gate sales of just over £200 this month.
  • A little money was added to the ISA
  • Lots of good books from the library van ( but not enough time to read them)
  • A warm month, so less wood used for Rayburn and wood-burner and the Alstomeria in the garden gave a late burst of colour to bring into the kitchen

  • I've used my £10 Craft Creations voucher received in July  to order some card making things from their catalogue
  • An unexpected prize of £20 worth of greetings die cuts also from Craft Creations
  • A rosette from the Camping and caravanning Club 
  • Another free copy of Home Farmer Magazine to review
  • We have been able to give our eldest a money gift towards her May wedding
  • Eating our own apples and our own fruit from the freezer all month means that  the only fruit bought was  lemons for the puddings and mincemeat.
  • A quick overnight visit  from both eldest children which means we got to see all three of them this month.
  • Vouchers from Wyevale Garden Centre used for Christmas presents
  • I didn't win the old stripped pine dresser that I left a bid on at the auction ( probably a good thing, I didn't really need it but it was so much nicer than the modern chest of drawers and shelf unit that makes up our current 'dresser'.)
  • Sold a small load of hay = £25 income.
 I think that's covered everything that's happened here this month.

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