Thursday, 25 August 2016

So that's what it was!

It is good when you see something and wonder about it and then find out on the news exactly what it was.

When I was taking our youngest home (or it might have been when I picked her up) on Tuesday, we saw this HUGE plane coming into land at what's left of the runways at the old RAF Woodbridge.
Then at the beach hut, there it was again circling low inland from Felixstowe, disappearing from sight and everyone saying "what on earth!"

Watching the Anglia ITV News on Wednesday I found out

An Airbus  and  Here too 

or maybe HERE
or there might be a video below

Depending which link actually works!

Great excitement for plane spotters

Mentioning our youngest reminds me that she has written her story of surviving cancer HERE. Colin has shared her story with several women coping with ovarian cancer that he's bumped into (not literally obviously!) while staying on the Oncology ward and he says it makes them smile. Seeing it all written down I realise how much I'd forgotten or wiped from memory. Our youngest had already moved out from home and it all seemed to happen quite quickly without her ever being really ill. She even moved flats during that time too which is a strange co-incidence with us and our house move in the middle of Col's treatment.

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

What's Happening at Number 9

I loved watching the Olympics on TV this year. Despite our TV, with it's built in Freeview, being too old to get Red Button and my lap top connection too slow to watch on-line, I still managed to watch a little of most sports and more of others. It's puzzling that we don't play handball in this country, it looks a pretty simple sort of game, not a lot of equipment needed. Or maybe it is played here - who knows.

Now it's back to normal viewing for a couple of weeks before we get another dose of sports with the Paralympics, after that there is Strictly to look forward to. I do hope Col is home before the Paralympics start, things were looking hopeful but another blip with the line (inserted in a vein in the chest for the stem cell transplant) makes me wonder if he'll be stuck there for weeks more. They decided that the line had been in too long and he had to go down to surgery to have it removed, under local unaesthetic. All the time he has been having high temperatures, that come and go randomly and they can't find the reason so it was probably the line. It was January when we first knew what was wrong and here we are nearly at the end of August and this time he's been in hospital for 3 weeks already. Some days I wonder if we will ever get back to normal then I have to give myself a kicking!

 After sorting out all my craft papers, odd bits of fabric, spare curtains and pictures over the weekend, I found enough to fill 4 bags and took them round to the charity shops yesterday morning. Then, because her OH couldn't get away from work early, I picked up our youngest and brought her back to Ipswich for another ultra-sound on dot-the-bump. However the small unborn was laying in such way that she is still not 100% sure that Dot is definitely female so we still might be in for a surprise in 8 weeks time, and the sonographer said she couldn't get a good photo either. We then went up to Col's ward to visit him before I took her home through awful traffic.There seem to be roadworks everywhere round Ipswich and East Suffolk at the moment.

 Today, according to the local weather bloke on TV, was the hottest day of the summer so far. Luckily I was down at the beach hut having a swim to keep cool. The worst thing was getting in the car at the hospital after visiting Col on my way home........Phew

 Has anyone else been watching "Britain's hardest workers", it's all about low paid jobs, an eye opener. I wouldn't want to work for Approved Foods for a start, or on any of the other companies featured. (Just editing in to say that its on all week I think so look for Mondays programme first)

That's what's been happening here at number 9. Not a lot really.

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Monday, 22 August 2016


Why have so many words had 'ized' added to the end?
So casual workers are now casualized workers.....really?

And when did "gonna" become part of the language's "Going to" "GOING TO"!

Feel better now :-)

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