Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Latest news from number 9

I've got a cold, I HATE having a cold, I went for years without getting one so it's now a shock to wake up sniffling and sneezing. Don't know where it came from but if it was caught from Grandson who was a bit snuffly when he was here -  he is forgiven!

My plan was to go to the Wednesday morning car boot and I got up thinking shall I or shan't I but the sun was shining and I was sure to feel better out in the fresh air so off to Needham Market ( This is despite going about 3 weeks ago and saying I wouldn't bother again......... must be withdrawal symptoms!) Anyway it was a bright morning and there were several boots there,although not much of any use.
This was my mornings haul

I thought I might as well get the child safety set for £2 as one or the other of the children will need it or we will ourselves. A huge bag full of craft papers and card cost me £3 and he threw in the book - D.E Stevenson's "Summerhills" for nothing. ( Did you see  the haul of hardback DE Stevenson books that Scott at Furrowed Middlebrow blog got at a Booksale in San Francisco the other day? I knew everything in The States was bigger than here but that booksale is HUGE!)

When I got back I found Colin was feeling well enough to have got himself breakfast AND he did all the washing up too which is a huge leap forward, although his legs ached from standing and he had to sit down for quite a while afterwards.

Late morning I headed up to hospital to meet our youngest and keep her company as they were going to try and turn Dot-The-Bump who is a real fidget and after her 37 week scan yesterday now seems to be laying sideways. It was quite a faff, involving ultrasound scan, monitoring heartbeat, injection to loosen womb muscles, waiting, then 2 doctors trying to manoeuvre baby to turn her/him round - extremely painful for poor A and it didn't work anyway! Then another hour of monitoring before she was able to leave and has to decide to either wait and see if baby turns, or they book a C section ...........or both or risk a breech birth or emergency C section........ Heck! . They brought her a sandwich afterwards as she had missed lunch but I had to wait until I got home at quarter to 3!

Now I have a table covered with paper to sort." Bewildering Cares" by Winifred Peck has arrived from Dean Street Press for me to review and I MUST get started on more hamper makes.

Back Eventually

Monday, 26 September 2016

Heading towards the end of September

We had some lovely weather last week and Colin  was able to sit outside for half an hour each day and soak up some vitamin D which he must surely be short of after 7 weeks in a hospital bed. He's got his appetite back and is feeling OK except for having no energy or stamina. Hopefully it's just a case of time.
Today is much more Autumnal and the forecast for the rest of the week is unsettled so he might not be able to sit out any more.

For book lovers around the world here is my latest library book photo
 Lots of crime fiction again plus Trio - no idea what this is or who mentioned it;  A Woman's place which is a look at women's fiction in the first half of the 20th century and the Barbara Pym which according to my book-of-books I have read already, but can't remember so am reading it again after enjoying Glass of Blessings earlier in the month. I STILL haven't finished How To be a Tudor, got halfway through and then got sidetracked by crime fiction and I'm debating if I should finish The Past is Myself by Christabel Bielenberg - (and English woman's life in Berlin under the Nazis ) it's quite detailed reading. Sort of interesting in a hard work kind of way.

Still on the book theme, on Saturday morning I took myself down to Felixstowe library where, according to the newspaper they were having a "Mountain of Books Sale". Sadly their idea of a mountain of books wasn't mine and in reality there were just a few tables of donated books which they were selling for charity. I picked up another wartime Land-army biography and an Amish romance (why?).

As the sale only took 5 minutes to look at I went round the town and found a dress for son's wedding in December - phew (it's been worrying me for weeks that I'd not got anything), had to buy new but not for £150 which is the sort of price I kept seeing on line!( and deciding that was really silly). Then I found a hat in a charity shop for £5 which just needs a navy ribbon affixed over the cream ribbon. Now I need a long length glam cream cardi/jacket of some sort and cream clutch bag. Can I get away with the black shoes I wore for Daughter's wedding last year or will I have to find navy or cream, but cream shoes would soon be muddy in December? Could I clean black shoes with navy polish and see if they look more blue than black?
............. This is why I spend most of my time avoiding events that require dressing up..... but I suppose son's wedding can't really be missed.

Many thanks for  all the Jacob comments, he is a mostly happy baby and easily changed from tears to smiles. H with Jacob and D.I.L-to-be went to Leiston for youngest's baby-shower party yesterday and now it's only 3 and a bit weeks until another grandchild is due to arrive.....goodness me, that 9 months has flown. The nice thing is that we will be able to see this newborn straightaway as she(or possibly he) will be arriving at Ipswich hospital. H and Jacob are off back to Surrey soon and we won't see him again until son's wedding, he'll be 6½ months old then.

Welcome to new followers Theresa and Lesley.......... I think
Back in a trice

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Small visitor takes over house

Steriliser and bottle making machine in the kitchen, baby clothing on the line, baby and daughter stuff in the bedroom, bouncer chair, play mat and toys in the living room, baby bath in the bathroom.

Yes, Jacob is here.

 How much better our grandson looks now he has had the operation for pyloric stenosis and is putting on weight. He is a very smiley baby except when a camera is pointed at him!

Then grandad made funny faces at him and we managed to catch the smile. Hope this picture works as it's off facebook,( because silly grandad deleted it from the camera before I had the chance to put it on here. If it doesn't we shall have to try again later.)

Back Soon