Sunday, 4 December 2016

There are Christmas Fayres and then there are Christmas Fayres

Saturday at 11am we strolled round the corner to the Catholic Primary school for their Christmas Fayre and 5 minutes later we strolled home again as there was almost nothing there. A few games for children, someone selling Avon and someone else selling Usbourne books and that was about it and hardly any people.

At 1.45 we strolled half a mile round 5 corners to go to Castle Hill Church for another Christmas Fayre. It was packed loads of stalls and people
and there was a room with tables covered with BOOKS............ Oh great joy

Colin came home with a fruit cake and I came home with these
I'm not a great jewellery fan, rings yes all the time, necklaces rarely. But I just loved the different stones in this. I need to find a new shorter chain with a clasp to be able to wear it as this one doesn't undo and it's too long unless you are totally flat chested!
Sergeant Cluff Stands Firm is another British Library Crime Classic, one of the few that the library haven't got. ( I filled in the suggestion form  for several  a couple of months ago but forgot this one).
50p for the book and £1 for the necklace, a nice walk home for tea and cake and all is well with my world😊😊

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Murder at Christmas

The Hospice charity shop near us had a big display of Christmas books for sale but most of them are chick lit happy ever after books, I'd read a couple of the Trisha Ashley ones but not really my favourite sort of reading, although there seem to be lots published each year.
A quick look on Amazon and I saw Christmas at little Beach Street Bakery; Christmas at Lilac Cottage; Christmas at the Wedding Shop; Christmas Under the Stars; The Cosy Christmas Teashop and The Christmas Promise - all new this year. 

 I really prefer a bit of crime, but hadn't really come across any Christmas crime until a couple of years ago when British Library Crime Classics re-printed  the 1930's book Mystery in White.

 Since then other publishers have joined in and I have these two from the library for my Christmas reading. On the right a book of short stories including some from modern authors, on the left another gem from the past - first published in 1947. Although I was amused to see that when first out it didn't have the word Christmas in the title.

Back Tomorrow,  as entirely unintentionally I seem to have slipped in daily advent photo mode, just like  LAST YEAR


Friday, 2 December 2016

Lost - One Advent calendar

On THIS post a couple of weeks ago I said we wouldn't be bothering with an advent calendar this year, then I found the comment by Barbara M who has a better memory than me

I remember that you had a lovely advent calendar last year from the National Trust and I imagine that you can use it again this year. I buy a $1 advent calendar with teeny, tiny chocolate pieces from Aldi.
 This is it from last year with all doors open, each little picture is a Christmassy photo from various NT houses.

 I thought it would be in the Christmas decorations box.....................but No

Then I had a brainwave, I must have put it in the big family bible to press the doors shut.

Where's the big family bible?

Somewhere in one of the 16 boxes of books under the bed I guess.

Will we be having an advent calendar this year?

Maybe not.

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Many thanks for all the comments. I love the red Lindt Lindor Chocs but haven't had any for years and have never tried the white or dark chocolate AND I had a £5 Morrisons More voucher so they were in effect .....FREE
And the best news is Colin was never that keen on chocolate and they will be much too sweet for him :-)